Monday, April 25, 2005

Death, back from the dead.

Yeah, I know..I suck.

So lately I have been giving alot of thought to making biodiesel for the Bunny. Not so much from a save-the- earth standpoint (though that is a bonus), but more from a diesel-is-$2.69/gallon-and-not-getting-any-better standpoint, or maybe a tired-of-paying-the-mideast-for-oil standpoint. Plus this combines my penchant for tinkering with a science experiment of sorts.

Extra bonus: The bunny rolls down the road smelling like french fries.

I'm gathering the needed parts right now. I'll let you know how it goes. If you get a sudden urge for McDonald's it might just be me driving by.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Busier than a...

So sorry not to update, but I really have been busy. I managed to score not 1 but 2 side gigs and I seem to have no free time anymore. I'm becoming a dull boy. The first side gig is with the same company I work for now, doing testing on system enhancements and products. The second one is doing tech support type stuff for a property management group, and they are paying me such a ridiculous amount of money I can't say no.

Ah well, hopefully I'll be able to enjoy the fruits of all this labor come summertime.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Bunny Parts

Ok, no more pictures of Bunny parts.

At least for now.

I've said in the past that I had really become tired of driving my little 25 year old slug of a car around. It's very slow, has ZERO creature comforts (you even have to adjust the heater temp by lifting the hood), and to most its looks are laughable.

I've changed my mind. This car is going to go forever, and I'm going to help it.

A few weeks ago I fell into the Vortex.

There I found a group of people that actually covet these little Rabbits, collecting and restoring them. The diesels aren't looked down on, either! I went there initially to get some tips and tricks for some rather involved maintenance I had to do, and ended up inspired to make my little yellow Bunny into a restoration project. I had initially planned to restore a first generation Chevy Blazer, but that could easliy run $15-20,000 and above. Rabbits are cheap. Mine still has all the original bits so that makes things even easier.

I will probably end up with a fleet of these things and will modernize them all except the the yellow one I have now. It is sort of special to me and others in my family. It originally belonged to a very dear uncle of mine who has passed away. I'm the second owner. As of this writing the car has about 530,000 miles. I'm going to make this one just like it was when Uncle Russ picked it up new ( from the Port of Vancouver no less, never saw a dealership) back in 1979. I've already begun the quest for the parts I will be needing, and am learning that the search for these oddball pieces is almost as fun as the actual work of restoring a vehicle.

So laugh if you must, but I like my little Bunny. It's paid for, super cheap to feed, and I know how to work on it so repair bills will never be an issue. So there.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Drawing Doodie Duty

Right now I'm house sitting for my sister and brother-in-law while they vacation in Palm Desert. Normally, this would pretty much mean watering plants and collecting mail and LEAVING. My sister has pets, specifically 2 mini Schnauzers, a saltwater fish tank, and a turtle. This means I have had to stay there. Oh yeah, one of the mini-dogs is a super mini as it is only 8 weeks old and barely weened from momma. She is very cute, but has no poop control yet, so I know I can look forward to a little present when I arrive in the evening.

I Hate doodie duty.

I have an entire essay in my head on why cats are better pets than dogs which I will save for another time, but this is one of the reasons right here... I never had to train my cat to go in the litter box, and he never has "accidents".

BTW- if you have a puppy and are thinking of using those little "training pads" that supposedly smell like grass, spend your money on cleaning supplies instead. All this little ball of fur does to them is chew them up into little tiny pieces.

Monday, January 10, 2005

A conundrum

So I have been named "Associate of the Month" here at work (emphasis on Ass), which means front of building parking spot for a while, picture on the wall, and maybe a little cashola as a bonus. That must mean I'm doing something right...

And that Just Ain't Right.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Was Girded, Now Frozen

Holy SHIT it is cold out there!!!

Even with girding, there are parts that may not be back out until spring.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Its like an itch I can't scratch

and it is driving me INSANE.

I have only ridden my motorcycle ONCE in the last TWO MONTHS. Ever since I bought it I have ridden through all types of weather with a Death May Care attitude, but for some reason I have been totally wimping out this year. I tried rolling down all the windows in the car and shutting off the windshield wipers but it JUST IS NOT THE SAME. I am finding myself becoming quite surly (for me anyway) and very tense between the shoulders.

Maybe I better gird up (gird? what the hell IS that, anyway) the ol' loins and put on some leather before I kill someone.